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Project 2
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Learning outcomes:

After listening to the audio instructions, new Phase 10 players will know how to begin a game, play a round, use specialty cards, and complete a phase.

This audio clip supports student learning by explaining how to begin a new game, describing how "wild" and "skip" cards are used, going over how to begin and end a round, and how players complete mini-goals called phases. The directions are organized in steps that follow the way that the game is played, so the player can follow along with the directions in the same order.


Music: Pina Colada by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License


I originally used a microphone attached to my DSLR camera to record my voice, but after listening to it, there was a lot of static. I downloaded a voice recording app to my phone, and the audio was so much better.

I cut out some pauses, and some background noise, and removed a little bit to keep it under 90 seconds.

I got the song "Pina Colada" from an artist I found through Creative Common and added that. I adjusted the volume and faded in and out to give my vocals some background without begin overwhelming.

I added a noise reduction effect, with the "light" option, and I think it makes my voice sound better. The music didn't seem to need any effects added to it.


I think that audio instructions are probably the best way to explain the basic gameplay of Phase 10. When I add the image and video, I think new players will understand how to get started and the rules of the traditional game. There are alternative ways to play the game, but I think the original is good to start with. There are a few more details I would have added if I had more than 90 seconds, but I like the way this turned out.

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