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Final Project

How to Play Phase 10

Phase 10 is a fun card game that is best described as a mix between Uno and Rummy, designed for 2 to 8 players, aged 7 and up. Here you will learn the basics of the game and how you can get started playing this game with your family and friends!


This instructional interactive activity combines audio, images, video, and a self-check activity. It supports student learning by explaining how to start a new game, going over how to begin and end a round, and how players complete mini-goals called phases. The directions are organized in steps that follow the way that the game is played, using both visuals and audio instructions, so the player can follow along in the same order. After the video, there is a self-check activity for learners to review and check for understanding.


Learning Outcomes:

After completing this activity, new Phase 10 players will know how to begin a game, play a round, and complete a phase.

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